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Kevin Darling

Kevin Darling started playing organized sports at an extremely young age. The sports he played were soccer and basketball up until senior year in high school. During the fifth basketball game of his senior year, Kevin suffered from a season ending ACL tear. A month later, he underwent surgery and then began the 8-month long process of physical therapy and rehabilitation.


After completion of the ACL rehabilitation, Kevin knew that the path he wanted to take was to help others strengthen their weaknesses, help them to achieve their fitness goals, and live a healthier, happier lifestyle. He went on to pursue a 4-year bachelor degree in Exercise Science, with a concentration of Pre-Professional Physical Therapy at Lyndon State College and graduated in May of 2014.


During his time at Lyndon State College, Kevin learned the importance of accountability, dedication, strong work ethic, and doing everything with a 110% effort because there is no room for subpar work. This is the exact philosophy that he utilizes and expects from his clients every session. You get what you put into it and you have to hold yourself accountable – that is the key to success. Educating clients is Kevin’s goal because he believes you need the knowledge to actually understand what you are doing and why you are doing it instead of just going through the motions and being clueless. Kevin believes the hardest part about getting in shape is taking the initiative. He says if you can take the first step and come through the door for a consultation, you have already won half of the battle; the other half is the exercise, nutrition, and dedication.


Take that first step and get started.

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