Have access to our proven training programs anywhere in the world!  Our online coaching provides athletes with the highest level of training possible at the tips of your fingers on your phone or mobile device.  This is an awesome option for those who want comprehensive training programs but can't physically get to us. 

"As an aging endurance athlete who is also a father, husband, and school principal, I am experiencing the challenge of finding the time to put in the work in order to avoid injury and still train and race at a high level.  Regardless of where I have been as an athlete, strength training has played a critical role and needs to be a part of the equation. My best races come when I have a good strength training program and my worst races and injuries come when I am not strength training effectively.  2018 was one of my most successful years as a long course triathlete and without a doubt, I would attribute much of my success to Adrian and Evan at XIP. When I moved to the NEK, I was concerned that I would not find the resources and support that are needed to be an elite long course triathlete.  Fortunately, I was introduced to Adrian at XIP and quickly realized that I just stepped into the best strength training program I’ve ever had in my life. Adrian and Evan are constantly challenging me with different exercises and training techniques that are supported by the latest research in the field.  I am blown away by the success and gains that I have made as a 37 year old athlete. I would not have developed the strength and maintained the health needed to qualify for the 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championships without XIP."

~Tim Mulligan, Burke VT 

Online Coaching Pricing

Pricing is based on number of training days each week but ranges from $100 - $190/month.


We can provide a free one week trial for those wondering if this may be the right fit for you. 


There is a minimum 2 month commitment for all virtual training programs. 

Please email to set up an initial meeting with your coach. 

"Adrian is such a pro.  The results Maya has seen from his distance training program are unquestionable.  We live in Los Angeles, a city filled with elite trainers and fitness experts, and Adrian is our preferred trainer.  If you or your child has an athletic goal—and the desire and determination to do whatever it takes to achieve it—Adrian is your guy.  You bring the effort, he will do the rest.​"

~Mathew Whitcomb, Los Angeles CA


I loved my XIP online training sessions this fall while at school! Having the app on my phone made it very easy to access, and I really enjoyed being able to scroll back and see my progress from the past weeks. Being able to provide Adrian with feedback and update the program was also another great plus. Having the videos of exercises at my fingertips helped me understand how to do each exercise even without Adrian there. Overall, it was a great way to keep up with XIP's programming and coaching even when I'm not at XIP! I look forward to continuing my virtual training through the app throughout my competitive season! "

~Avery Vilandrie

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