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Have access to our proven training programs anywhere in the world!  Our online coaching provides athletes with the highest level of training possible at the tips of your fingers on your phone or mobile device.  This is an awesome option for those who want comprehensive training programs but can't physically get to us. 

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"As an aging endurance athlete who is also a father, husband, and school principal, I am experiencing the challenge of finding the time to put in the work in order to avoid injury and still train and race at a high level.  Regardless of where I have been as an athlete, strength training has played a critical role and needs to be a part of the equation. My best races come when I have a good strength training program and my worst races and injuries come when I am not strength training effectively.  2018 was one of my most successful years as a long course triathlete and without a doubt, I would attribute much of my success to Adrian and Evan at XIP. When I moved to the NEK, I was concerned that I would not find the resources and support that are needed to be an elite long course triathlete.  Fortunately, I was introduced to Adrian at XIP and quickly realized that I just stepped into the best strength training program I’ve ever had in my life. Adrian and Evan are constantly challenging me with different exercises and training techniques that are supported by the latest research in the field.  I am blown away by the success and gains that I have made as a 37 year old athlete. I would not have developed the strength and maintained the health needed to qualify for the 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championships without XIP."

~Tim Mulligan, Burke VT 

Online Coaching Pricing

Pricing is based on number of training days each week but ranges from $100 - $190/month.


We can provide a free one week trial for those wondering if this may be the right fit for you. 


There is a minimum 2 month commitment for all virtual training programs. 

Please email to set up an initial meeting with your coach. 

"Adrian is such a pro.  The results Maya has seen from his distance training program are unquestionable.  We live in Los Angeles, a city filled with elite trainers and fitness experts, and Adrian is our preferred trainer.  If you or your child has an athletic goal—and the desire and determination to do whatever it takes to achieve it—Adrian is your guy.  You bring the effort, he will do the rest.​"

~Mathew Whitcomb, Los Angeles CA


I loved my XIP online training sessions this fall while at school! Having the app on my phone made it very easy to access, and I really enjoyed being able to scroll back and see my progress from the past weeks. Being able to provide Adrian with feedback and update the program was also another great plus. Having the videos of exercises at my fingertips helped me understand how to do each exercise even without Adrian there. Overall, it was a great way to keep up with XIP's programming and coaching even when I'm not at XIP! I look forward to continuing my virtual training through the app throughout my competitive season! "

~Avery Vilandrie

Rita Gage

Irasburg, VT

On February 27, 2018 I completed my first virtual training session and it was hands down one of the best choices I've ever made. I had asked the coaches at XIP if there was anyway we could add some additionaltraining to my already 2 days a week bootcamp. Coach Johnson had my workouts ready to roll the very next week! Using the @TrainHeroic app he has created workouts tailored to my individual needs and what I want to achieve. I come in on my lunch break and do the workouts on my own which is great. After 8 weeks I am feeling awesome & seeing some great results. I highly recommend it for those looking for something more in their training, it is truly an asset!

Tyler Brown

My name is Tyler Brown, and my sport of focus is baseball. Grew up loving the game of baseball and was always an above average player in the Littleton area and had an excellent high school experience with baseball and everything. Started college baseball at Plymouth State as a very inexperienced pitcher and even more naive weightlifter. My dad was the only one to give me a workout plan, and he did a great job of doing it, but when it came down to it, it wasn’t even close to what Adrian and his staff knew about working out. Started XIP in the winter of 2016-2017 and in that month that I had off I came back stronger and way more experienced in the weight room. Then I had my season, and it was not one that I would like to remember, but it was my first season. Then over the summer of 2017, I went there [XIP Training Systems​] and that was when I saw just how effective the training was. My first year I was sitting 82ish on a good day and topped at 85 but hit that a very few times. Currently in my sophomore year at Plymouth thanks to XIP I’m sitting 85 topped at 87 in the fall and time on the mound has increased and now I can experience conference games on a regular basis. Wish I knew about XIP in high school because they have my business any day of the week, thank you XIP staff.

Hunter Patenaude

"My name is Hunter Patenaude and I got introduced to XIP in 2017 by  Lincoln Lemieux another professional sno-cross rider from VT. In June of 2017 I began training with Adrian 2 days a week and right off, I knew this place would physically prepare me for the upcoming snocross season. Lincoln and I trained together and we were pushed to our limits every session.  Adrian served as a good motivator and kept us focused on our goals for the season. Working out with Lincoln helped because we pushed each other constantly just as on the track. It was especially helpful for me as a younger rider because someday I want to be at his level in racing. There wasn’t a day we walked out of XIP not feeling like we gave it our all.

This summer XIP put together a virtual training program for me which allowed me to work out at my gym at home 2 days a week while still traveling to XIP to train with Lincoln 2 other days each week.  Last winter Lincoln and I were also able to train during our racing season through this virtual platform which made it easier for us because of the constant traveling. Adrian creates programs specific to our needs and the demands of our sport that will help us perform at our best and also help prevent injuries. Through this experience I have grown not just physically but also mentally. The program pushed me beyond my comfort zone which allowed me to grow as an athlete. I can’t thank the whole XIP family enough for making me feel right at home the second I walked in and helping me develop as an athlete."

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