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Top IG Posts of 2019: Part One

Agility, Reactive Cone Drills and Chaos/Decision Making:

Hey guys, with 2020 underway we wanted to send along some of the highlights from our 2019 Instagram posts in case you missed them. Based on the number of views, and also Coach Guyer's bias in posting ;) the topics of Agility, Reactive Cone drills, and Chaos/Decision Making bring the most traffic to our page...Remember that true Agility training is not running through an "agility ladder", we classify this as foot speed, or even a strategy for training healthy stiffness at the foot/ankle or shank. True agility training involves decision making and requires that athletes respond or make decisions based on what they see, hear or feel in the environment around them. We use varying colors and shapes, change the cue or signal from audible to visual or even a touch, and thus we are constantly changing the environment and the response the athlete must execute. For coaches training this decision making is vital to your athletes success and also their ability to make fast and agile movements in response to their environment. If an athlete can't see and respond quickly to what is happening around them then all the speed in the world will still have them a step behind their competition. These "games" we use for all levels of athletes and have had tremendous results, not to mention they are engaging and fun which is key to being an effective coach...We hope you enjoy the videos! Please follow our IG page and be sure to share the videos with those who might find them useful. This will help us share training knowledge with an even bigger audience!

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 in the coming days as we look at top videos on Reactive Strength and Power, Acceleration, Jumps, and Explosive movements.

Happy New Year

Agility – Cone Games – Decision Making:

Kids Camp Body Part Reaction w/Parents

Reactive Agility – HS Team Obstacle Cone Relay

Reaction/Decision Making Agility Drills

Cone Chaos – Agility

Agility Game – Color Match Cone Circle

Hand Eye Drills – Hockey Goalie

Fiery Cross – Agility

Quick Feet Agility Drill – Color Circle

Short Curve Pursuit Drill – Train the Edges

Color Cone Lateral Shuffle

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