Ridgeline Athlete - Hunt Prep

Ridgeline Athlete - Hunt Prep


4 Week Program – Option of 4 training days/week


Training Variables – Strength, Power/Plyometrics, Aerobic Capacity/Lactate Threshold Training, Loaded Runs/Hikes


Equipment Needs: Dumbbells, Continuous Loop Bands, Fan Bike or Rower or Treadmill.


**For a detailed explanation of what equipment is required to complete this program, please click here


Hunt Base program takes elements of our Ridgeline Athlete series to help you prepare during the last few weeks leading up to the season.  This program is a great stand alone program to use just before the season begins and can be repeated through the season to help maintain your performance. The four day program covers strength and endurance variables that will help you bag a trophy this season!


After purchasing the program you will receive an email containing an access code that you will need to access the program through the Train Heroic App that you will download on your mobile device.


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