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Ridgeline Endurance Spring Training

Ridgeline Endurance Spring Training


8 Week Program - 2 Strength Days, 2 Interval Days, 1 Yoga and Recovery day


Training Variables - Strength, Power Plyo, Metabolic Strength, Steady State, VO2 interval training. 


Equipment needs in the gym: Rower, Fan Bike, Treadmill, Dumbbells, Mini Bands, continuous loop bands, physio ball, TRX trainer. 

(Note: All of this equipment is not required but it will be helpful to have in your training arsenal)



The Endurance Athlete Spring Training program is meant to provide endurance athletes with a multi faceted program that will compliment your high volume of training for your sport.  Gym sessions will address plyometrics, power and strength while also providing mobility and positional awareness movements very specific to the nature of your sport or sports.  The program puts an emphasis on building the elastic capabilities at the foot and ankle which is needed for success in high volume run based sports.  

We also include a speed endurance interval day and a VO2 interval training day for those who also need the guidance on this front.  These non gym training days will help you build the capacity to truly hammer down on the trails and roads this season.  Finally the program includes a yoga day as well as stretches that can be incorporated throughout the training plan.

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