XIP Training Systems is a training facility in Lyndonville, VT where athletes and individuals with performance goals can come and receive cutting edge training programs from certified trainers and coaches.  XIP offers a multitude of services to fit your training needs from one-on-one training to injury reconditioning to group training to yoga and much more.  We at XIP work hard to provide clients and athletes with the highest level of training available in Northern Vermont and New England through evidence based programs that are both safe and effective.  Check out the options below to see where training will fit into your life!

*Unless a client is injured while participating in an XIP Program there are no refunds and client will be held to the full terms of their commitment.

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Personal training provides clients and athletes with one on one attention with their trainer. The trainer will assess your goals, training age/experience, and overall health and fitness status before creating an individualized program to help the client reach their goals. These goals could be altering body composition, increasing strength, improving performance, training for an event, post injury reconditioning, nutritional coaching, and much more. Training times are at the client and trainer’s discretion.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training provides clients and athletes with an individualized program in a group setting.  You will meet with the trainer/coach on day one and discuss goals. Your coach then creates an individualized training program for each individual in the group and has it tailored to their needs. The group trains at the same time while the coach with each individual’s program to help motivate, correct technique and help you find greatness!  Training times are determined by group needs and schedule flexibility.