Small group training is a group of 3 to 9 individuals who all have the same relative goals. The group members all follow the same training program. The programs consist of cardiovascular, strength, and metabolic conditioning. The program is not individualized as compared to personal training, semi-private, or buddy training. This is the more cost-effective option for individuals who are looking for a structured exercise program without the cost of personal training. Training times are at the individual and trainer’s discretion.

Semi-private training is a group-oriented personal training session. Client’s meet with the trainer ahead of time and discuss their overall goals. The trainer then creates an individualized training program for each individual in the group and has it tailored to their needs. The group meets at the same time and the trainer goes around and coaches/assists with each individual’s program to help motivate, correct form, and accomplish their goals. Training times are at the individual and trainer’s discretion.


3-4 Individuals Single Session

One Session - Drop In


3-4 Individuals 1x/Week

4 Weeks


3-4 Individuals 2x/Week

4 Weeks


5-9 Individuals Single Session

One Session - Drop In


5-9 Individuals 1x/Week

4 Weeks


5-9 Individuals 2x/Week

4 Weeks


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4 Weeks, 2x/Week


4 Weeks, 3x/Week


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Unless a client is injured while participating in an XIP Training Systems Program the client will be held to the full term of their commitment (1 Month or 6 Month Commitment).
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