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Our focus at XIP is to help athletes reach their performance potential while creating more reactive athletes who are both durable and versatile on the field of play. This in turn leads to athletes who will dominate both physically and mentally in any environment, whether it's competition or in life.  


  1. Create diverse and durable athletes who are fast, strong, powerful and agile on any field of play.

  2. Reward technique and skillful movement over loads lifted.  Reward the process not just the product.

  3. Prevent injury during competition.

  4. Prepare athletes for the next level in their competitive career, be it high school, college or the professional level.

  5. Create athletes that do not train to play, but who train to win. 

  6. Create athletes who will always work to be 1% better.

  7. Create athletes who are coachable.

Athletic Performance and Physical Education Curriculum

Recently, XIP and Newark Street School partnered to create and implement a training program with a focus on physical education and applied fitness principles.  Coaches Evan Johnson and Adrian Guyer met with Principal Tim Mulligan and collaborated to create a super cool learning opportunity for the students.  Mr. Mulligan weighs in on the experience here:

"In the Spring of this past year, as Principal of the Newark Street School, I had the opportunity to take a group of middle school student athletes to work with Adrian and Evan at XIP.  All middle and high school students in Vermont are required to have Personalized Learning Plans in which they create specific learning goals for themselves that tie into interests and are connected to the curriculum.  Students must document their progress over the course of each school year.  At Newark, we like to connect students with community members as learning partners and mentors in the PLP process in order to optimize the experience for students and also take advantage of service opportunities as they present themselves.  This past year, we happened to have a group of very active students with a desire to move and create goals to improve health, wellness, and fitness.  The coaches at XIP served as great mentors for these students.  They did baseline fitness assessments, helped them to create fitness goals, created a developmentally appropriate program to help them move towards their goals, and created an exciting environment for them to thrive.  Above all, I love my students working with Adrian and Evan because they are pillars of exceptional character in our local community.  They understand and appreciate the value of hard work, perseverance, and caring for self and others.  For this reason, I just want my students and my own children to have the opportunity to work with them."




March 23


12-Week Program:

1,2,3 day option starting at 4:45 on M/W/F



Athletes can choose 1, 2 or 3x a week programs

**Please note, price will vary if will be gone for periods of time during training



March 2nd



4-Week Program:​

Mon/Wed 3:45-4:40



KIDS CAMP (ages 5-9)

March 7 - March 28

Training Saturday 8:30-9:30 am

4 weeks for $59 

Drop-In for $15

Our mission: 
-Teach children the importance of training, their health, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.
-Teach movement patterns that will help them in their long term athletic development. I.e; Sprinting, jumping, landing, change of direction, squatting, pulling, pushing, power, trunk stability, etc.
-Teach how to take direction and follow coaches' orders.
-Teach the importance of competition and how to win and lose with grace.
-Teach accountability.
-Teach sportsmanship.
-Have FUN while doing all of this!

This is an exploratory program for these young athletes as they are learning how their bodies can perform at their best through proper technique and movement.

Sign your child up today!!! Space is limited as we will keep class sizes manageable and comfortable for children participating.



Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarships are available to Middle School, High School, and College level athletes who want to get a leg up on their competition through the assistance of our summer programs.

If you are interested in the XIP Athlete Scholarship click on the button below

Student/Athlete Private Training Packages

Single Session




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Unless a client is injured while participating in an XIP Program there are no refunds and client will be held to the full terms of the program they have committed to (6, 8 or 10 weeks). 
Click here for a full list of policies & procedures



If you have an athlete that experienced success with we want to hear your story! Drop us a line here:

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High School/College Performance Camps


“The St Johnsbury Academy football team has competed in the Vermont State Championship game 3 of the past 4 years.  We completed the 2017 season as the undefeated Division I State Champions.  The success of our program is built upon our philosophy that games are not won on weekends in the fall.  Although we have utilized XIP Training System’s strength program for the past couple of years, this year we incorporated their speed and change of direction training into our summer strength & conditioning program.  It translated into our athletes becoming more reactive and explosive on the field.  The ancillary benefit of the program helped us accomplish our number one goal of player safety.  We only had two starters miss one game each due to minor injuries during a rigorous 11-game schedule.  We did not have a non contact injury during the 2017 season.  XIP Training Systems helped our players to become bigger, stronger, faster, more agile and ultimately safer athletes.” 

Rich Alercio

St. Johnsbury, VT

We just wanted to write a quick note to express how much our boys are loving XIP! We love to see them, post workout, covered in sweat and a smile on their faces! They are always bragging about their workouts, demonstrating various exercises, and beaming with pride as they know they've been motivated to give it their all.

With three boys always active in a sport, it was the right choice for our family to take a break from the hectic schedule that goes along with competitive youth sports. It has been so nice, the last few months, to actually be able to sit down and have dinners as a family! What we would have spent on fuel to and from practices and games, easily covers the cost of their workouts!

Thanks XIP for offering our youth a great and affordable training program!

Dana & Jen Palmieri

Lyndonville, VT

“Defining Moments” that is the hallmark of XIP – Adrian Guyer and his staff at XIP Training Systems. Adrian and his staff are motivated, exuberant and passionate about what they do and the athletes they train. Highly educated and technically precise…. they craft, shape, motivate, and mold their athletes to help them attain their maximum performance. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity for both of my children to workout and train with XIP throughout their athletic careers. My son is a three sport varsity athlete. The flexibility, speed, strength and agility training that he has received through Adrian’s tough, sports specific programs have helped him to prepare for each season and achieve and succeed throughout. My daughter had a season ending ACL/ Meniscal tear that threatened to keep her from playing softball in the spring of her senior year. With the help of the Surgeons at Boston Children’s, Northern Physical Therapists, and XIP she was back starting on Varsity four months after complete reconstructive surgery. XIP’s training programs focused on strength, agility, and flexibility exercises. Their extensive knowledge of the challenges she faced in regaining strength and flexibility, coupled with hard work and determination helped her build muscle and regain flexibility so she could do the strong cutting, pivoting, and running necessary to play softball.  Thank you XIP for everything you have done and continue to do for our athletes."

Heather McCallister

Burke, VT

"Before Adrian started working with our program the kids absolutely dreaded the conditioning, which consisted of mass amounts of sprints and laps around the football field.  But over the past four years Adrian has transformed our conditioning program into a fun, energetic and competitive part of our practices.  They didn’t realize it but the kids were working harder than ever before and doing it with a smile on their faces!  The results were almost instantaneous as their agility and overall running technique improved dramatically after just a few sessions.  This improvement continued throughout the season.  Immediately after XIP took over our speed and conditioning we could see the positive impact it was having on the kids and the program.  Not only were our kids getting faster and more agile but everyone seemed to perform their positional tasks with greater efficiency, which ultimately resulted in a better individual and team performance on game day.   With the help of Adrian and XIP I can pretty much guarantee that we will be one of the best conditioned teams in the league year in and year out.  Thanks XIP!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jamie Crooks ​ ​

Head Coach, Lyndon Youth Football

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