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Summer Camps at xip

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Summer Speed and Agility Training

 Each summer we offer an on field training 1x/week for driven HS & College athletes looking to become faster and more explosive on the field of play. Athletes learn technical strategies for exposing their true speed & acceleration potential as well as strategies for making quicker more accurate decisions (aka agility) in change of direction sports.

Tuesdays 5:00-6:00pm 

Training starts 6/4/24

**We also offer a supplemental online training option for athletes to continue their training anytime & anywhere with Coach Guyer.

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High school/college summer camps

Our in house S & C programs are tailored to an athletes needs and the demands of their upcoming fall sport. We emphasize multi planar explosive strength and power development that transfers effectively to their sport(s), improving movement capacity and tissue durability.  HS & college athletes from different sports & schools intertwine to create a culture and atmosphere that is second to none.

The HS Beginner camp is the perfect fit for the advanced 8th grader or incoming freshman athlete. 

Camps Start 6/3/24
M/W/Th- In House at XIP

HS Beginner Camp

T/TH 3-4:00pm 

*Floating start times.

Cost: Dependent on number of days/week.

Email to register

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youth (Middle School) camps

Our Youth athletic development camps provide the 11-14yr old with a well rounded and versatile training opportunity to help enhance physical literacy and long term athletic development.  We place emphasis on developing better movers who are stronger, more powerful and elastic in their movement with the confidence needed to dominate on any field of play. 


3 Mini Camps - (4 sessions/camp)

M/W 10:30-11:30 

#1 - 6/17,19,24,26

#2 - 7/8,10,15,17

#3 - 7/29,31,8/5,7

Cost is $75 for each mini camp or $200 for all 3

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KIDS camps

Ages 6-9

Summer camp training for our youngest athletes will take place during the 3 mini camps listed below. Play based training that focuses on long term athletic development variables and creating more confident and dynamic young movers.  


Choose one, two or all 3 camps. 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30-11:30am   

Camp #1 - 6/18 & 6/20

Camp #2 - 7/9 & 7/11 

Camp #3 - 7/30 & 8/1


Send us an email at to get registered for any of our upcoming performance camps!

Cost is $40/camp or $100 if you commit to all three camps.

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