Be on top of your game and train anytime, anywhere, with XIP’s certified and experienced coaches.  Shop our online market and find a program to suit any of your fitness needs!



Have access to our proven training programs anywhere in the world!  Our online coaching provides athletes with the highest level of training possible at the tips of your fingers on your phone or mobile device.  This is an awesome option for those who want comprehensive training programs but can't physically get to us. 

Pricing is based on number of training days each week but ranges from $125 - $200/month.


We provide a free one week trial for those wondering if this may be the right fit for you. 


There is a minimum 2 month commitment for all virtual training programs. 

There is a $25 phone consultation fee for all new programs. 

"I loved my XIP online training sessions this fall while at school! Having the app on my phone made it very easy to access, and I really enjoyed being able to scroll back and see my progress from the past weeks. Being able to provide Adrian with feedback and update the program was also another great plus. Having the videos of exercises at my fingertips helped me understand how to do each exercise even without Adrian there. Overall, it was a great way to keep up with XIP's programming and coaching even when I'm not at XIP! I look forward to continuing my virtual training through the app throughout my competitive season! "

~Avery Vilandrie


The XIP Home Team gives you online access to an "At Home" training program includes 2 days / week of structured strength/HIIT programming delivered from our coaches through the TrainHeroic app, as well as two 30-minute Zoom sessions led by your coach each week (one early morning and one mid-day). The live sessions give you the ability to train live with your coach and team while working to unleash your inner athlete!   Each Sunday your coach will also drop short, educational videos highlighting the Wellness Habit of the Week (nutrition, life hacks, training tips, etc) and some specific action items to help you implement it every day!  That's 4 training sessions each week + the wellness habit on sundays!  This is a community, so you have the ability to post questions to your coach, interact in live sessions and train alongside your virtual thunder buddies every week helping you stay accountable while you work to achieve better performance for life!

XIP HOME TEAM - $99/Month
An At Home Online Training Program - 4 Training days/week + 1 Wellness Habit Video sent to you

Training Variables: Strength (BW and loaded), intervals, cardio, mobility.  Be prepared to unleash your inner athlete!

Equipment needs: Can be completed with body weight, but we recommend having DB’s or KB’s, continuous loop bands, backpack that can be loaded up with “weight” of some sort, mini bands,sliders (can substitute with socks on a wood floor or pieces of cardboard on carpet) 


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