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Young Athlete At Home

Develop athletic foundations while at home...with little space required!

The Program

Coach Guyer takes athletes through workouts or lessons that include proper dynamic warm up, plyometrics, power, speed, strength and conditioning.  At times he will even interact with athletes as they react and respond to his cues and commands.  These are the same foundations the XIP staff has taught to hundreds of athletes on site but scaled down so that they can be completed in a 10' x 10' space or in your backyard.  

How It Works

Simply click on one of the video links below, hit play and start your session!  We recommend that athletes begin their training on workout #1 and progress through the workouts in order.  The program is designed to build in intensity over the course of 12 sessions or 1 month of training 3 days a week.  If you can't get 3 in a week just pick up where you left off the next time you train.  You will need approximately 10' x 10' space in your home, bigger is great, or even better if you can go outside we recommend this too!  


"My son has attended XIP for many years. He began his XIP experience as a Kids Camp participant and since then he has been working with the XIP trainers in the Middle School Performance camps. Training year round with XIP has become an intricate part of my son’s athletic journey; as a three sport youth athlete playing football, basketball and baseball, XIP has given him the tools he needs to be successful whether he’s on the gridiron, the court or the diamond. 

Get Started
XIP Kids Camp - Physical Education Program

XIP Kids Camp - Physical Education Program

XIP Kids Camp - Physical Education Program

Young Athlete At Home Sneak Peek - At Home Physical Education - Youth Fitness

Dynamic Warm-Up

Here's our full "XIP Kids Dynamic Warm Up", great for larger spaces or backyards. The YAAH Dynamic Warm Up video is a resource for parents and coaches that will help you assemble more effective warm ups for youth and adult athletes.  We give examples, but we encourage creativity and variation in your warm up protocol as this can be so effective in developing more robust movement foundations and central nervous system activation.   

Hear what parents have to say about our youth programs...

"Jaydin began training with XIP in September 2019. She works hard training for softball, getting stronger and being more athletic was the next step in her development. After the first month of training she went from two to three days a week, she loved it!  She started showing us her improvements in speed and was happy to point out the muscles she had developed."

-Justin Royer, MS Camps & YAAH

"Originally we chose XIP just for the strength and agility [of the program] but the more we’ve been here the more we understand that Adrian teaches them a lot of healthy habits and a lot of life lessons; how to act when you’re standing still, get your hands out of your pockets, how to listen, how to pay attention.  So, it’s really been beneficial in that way as well."

-Ray Richards, XIP Kids

"On a typical Saturday morning my kids would be on the couch and instead they’re here working together, working to get better at sports and to stay active.  Every time we leave XIP I always ask them, ‘what was your favorite thing?’ and they always say, everything!"

-Lyndsey Classen, XIP Kids

“I got Savannah started in XIP Kids not thinking she would be a fantastic athlete but to simply help her learn the basics of athletics that I felt she would need throughout childhood and also to get her moving in a fun way.  It turned out to be one of her favorite things to do and she has learned so incredibly much, becoming a confident, coordinated and strong child with a love of gymnastics and a fierce loyalty and bond to XIP."

-Amanda Hussey, XIP Kids

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