Our focus at XIP is to help athletes reach their performance potential while creating more reactive athletes who are both durable and versatile on the field of play. This in turn leads to athletes who will dominate both physically and mentally in any environment, whether it's competition or in life. 

  1. Create diverse and durable athletes who are fast, strong, powerful and agile on any field of play.

  2. Reward technique and skillful movement over loads lifted.  Reward the process not just the product.

  3. Prevent injury during competition.

  4. Prepare athletes for the next level in their competitive career, be it high school, college or the professional level.

  5. Create athletes that do not train to play, but who train to win. 

  6. Create athletes who will always work to be 1% better.

  7. Create athletes who are coachable.

Physical Education Curriculum

Recently, XIP and Newark Street School partnered to create and implement a training program with a focus on physical education and applied fitness principles.  Coaches Evan Johnson and Adrian Guyer met with Principal Tim Mulligan and collaborated to create a super cool learning opportunity for the students.  Mr. Mulligan weighs in on the experience here:

"In the Spring of this past year, as Principal of the Newark Street School, I had the opportunity to take a group of middle school student athletes to work with Adrian and Evan at XIP.  The coaches at XIP served as great mentors for these students.  They did baseline fitness assessments, helped them to create fitness goals, created a developmentally appropriate program to help them move towards their goals, and created an exciting environment for them to thrive.  Above all, I love my students working with Adrian and Evan because they are pillars of exceptional character in our local community.  They understand and appreciate the value of hard work, perseverance, and caring for self and others.  For this reason, I just want my students and my own children to have the opportunity to work with them."





Monday & Wednesday, 4pm

3-Week Program

Pricing:​ $90

**Please note, price will vary if will be gone for periods of time during training




Tuesday & Thursday, 4pm

3-Week Program:​ Tuesday & Thursday 4pm

Pricing:​ $90


beginning 9/25

Training Fridays 3:30 pm

4 weeks for $59 

Drop-In for $15

Our mission: 

-Teach children the importance of training, their health, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.
-Teach movement patterns that will help them in their long term athletic development. I.e; Sprinting, jumping, landing, change of direction, squatting, pulling, pushing, power, trunk stability, etc.
-Teach how to take direction and follow coaches' orders.
-Teach the importance of competition and how to win and lose with grace.
-Teach accountability.
-Teach sportsmanship.
-Have FUN while doing all of this!

This is an exploratory program for these young athletes as they are learning how their bodies can perform at their best through proper technique and movement.

Sign your child up today!!! Space is limited as we will keep class sizes manageable and comfortable for children participating.


Scholarships are available to Middle School, High School, and College level athletes who want to get a leg up on their competition through the assistance of our summer programs.


If you or your child would like to attend an XIP Performance Camp and your family could benefit from some financial assistance, please email with your responses to the following questions:

1) Describe what it means to be an athlete?

2) What are your core values?


3) Please list your top 3 goals for yourself as an athlete, present and future?


4) Explain how XIP can help you reach those goals.


5) What obstacles have you had to overcome in your athletic career?

6) Do you have aspirations of going to college and playing college athletics?

If so how committed are you to achieving this goal?


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