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Return To performance


The performance staff at XIP recognize that no-one is truly invincible regardless of how durable our training programs make you feel. 

Big or small, injuries happen.  It’s a price we pay for pushing our bodies to an ultimate limit.  Often, injuries occur when we least expect it - a slip on the ice, a car accident, crash on the bike, lifting something in an awkward position, you get the picture.  

Trust me we've been there.  We recognize that an injury that removes you from your active lifestyle can be challenging to your mental state.  XIP reframes this scenario, understands, and encourages you to see that - INJURY IS OPPORTUNITY!  Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius stated:  “The impediment to action advances action.  What stands in the way becomes the way.”  This is the objective of XIP reconditioning programs.  

XIP wants athletes at every level to understand that in the presence of injury, there is an opportunity to evaluate and intervene at a comprehensive system level.  Our reconditioning programs are designed to provide an all-inclusive training stimulus. 

Our team of certified trainers and strength coaches will create a program specific to your injury and will address accessory weaknesses and imbalances during the process.  


We are not physical therapists; however, we do collaborate with orthopaedic clinics, your school ATC, primary care physician and Physical Therapists to transition those who are ready to take the next step in the reconditioning process and your "Return to Performance".


Lincoln Snowmobile_edited.jpg
Lincoln Lemieux
Pro Snocross Rider

​"Without XIP's help in my return to performance, I don't believe I would have recovered or been as strong as I was. Between strength and conditioning, diet, and yoga at XIP, there is no better place to go in the Northeast Kingdom, and arguably New England. You need three things to succeed: Hard work, confidence, and support. XIP helped me gain my confidence back by pushing me in every workout, as well as supporting me when I needed it the most.

Guy Skiing
Stevie Durochers
Dance Studio Owner

​"After having my knee surgery, I was told that I would be back to normal activity within 4 months.  I quickly learned this would not be the case.  I started training with Adrian Guyer hoping to regain strength in my affected leg.  I was expecting an instructor but I found a knowledgeable professional dedicated to his clients.  I found myself pushing my body in ways I did not know I could.  Adrian's program was the best gift I have ever given to my body. Surgery helped me walk; XIP helped me do everything I love."

Ella Skalwald.JPG
Ella McAndrew
Mountain Bike Athlete

My physical therapist suggested that I reach out and start working with XIP to address the remaining muscular issues and prepare me for my upcoming Mountain Bike racing season.  When I came in, Adrian was amazing at setting up a baseline with body measurements, strength and mobility tests.  Based on these tests we set forth with a plan to even out my body left and right and build muscle for a productive season.  I started working with him in January 2017 and by my first race in April,  the strength discrepancy in my legs was gone, I was stronger than I ever have been and went on to have my most successful race season yet! 

Aiden whiting     multi-sport athlete

We can NOT say enough good things about XIP and we highly recommend them. They truly
care about their clients. Adrian continues to check in with Aiden often and that means the world
to us knowing he cares so much even after he finished his reconditioning. They stress building athleticism
and keeping that strength to prevent injuries in the future. Now that basketball is done Aiden will be
back at the gym using all he learned at XIP and an online program to  prepare for his upcoming 
baseball season.

Tyler Diemer Img Academy Bradenton Fl.jpg
Tyler Diemer

During his senior year, Tyler suffered a major knee injury during a high school football game. He endured 6 surgeries, an infection and a blood clot.  The damage was severe, and the outlook was bleak.  His surgeon felt that maybe Tyler could walk normally again, but participation in sports was probably out of the question.  After his fourth surgery, Tyler began working with the trainers at XIP Training Systems with a leg that had lost significant strength and range of motion.  A year and a half later, he was released from physical therapy and received the green light from his surgeon to "return to sport".  His surgeon calls Tyler's recovery a "minor miracle".  Thank you to everyone at XIP training, we feel fortunate to have had you as a resource for Tyler's rehabilitation and recovery.

Mike Diemer

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Head of Reconditioning 

Anthony Sgherza PhD, ATC, CSCS, SCCC, FMS


XIP Training Owner, Founder 


"I started training with XIP when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I was just a little girl with a desire to get stronger and faster and be a better athlete. Little did I know the impact it would have on the trajectory of my life. 
As the years went on, I trained with XIP every summer, which turned into every fall and summer, and eventually Adrian was helping me through every season in some capacity. When I reached 8th grade, I faced my first real setback - an ACL tear. Being so young at the time, this was a huge obstacle. I thought I was doing everything right - but all it took was one wrong step. Thankfully, XIP was there to help me through every single step in my recovery process. From physically training to imagery to just emotional support at such a vulnerable time - I was always taken care of. More than anything, Adrian made me believe in myself again. He made me look at my setback as an advantage over my opponents - never an excuse.

~Lindsay Joyal 

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