Why XIP Home Team?

We know that life is challenging right now, but it’s always the right time to prioritize your health and wellness and what better way to do that then with a great community to support you and great coaches who can take the guess work out of creating workouts each day.


Training for every body, anywhere. 

What you get from XIP Home Team:

At Home Training

The XIP Home Team gives you online access to an "At Home" training program that includes:

4 days/week of structured strength/HIIT programming delivered from our coaches through the TrainHeroic app, as well as recommended recovery modalities and supplemental activity. The sessions are designed to increase strength as well as improve conditioning with minimal equipment, so that it can be done in the comfort of your home! 

Performance Habit of the Week

Each Sunday your coach will also drop short, educational videos highlighting the Performance Habit of the Week (nutrition, life hacks, training tips, etc) and some specific action items to help you implement it every day!  That's 4 training sessions each week + the wellness habit on Sundays! 


This is a community, so you have the ability to post questions to your coach, and comment on sessions in TrainHeroic so that you can interact with your team... keeping you motivated and accountable! 

I am a mid-thirties mom of two young boys on top of working full time, my schedule is packed!  The XIP Home Team at-home training program has made working out way more manageable for me! I can do it in a time slot that works for me and our crazy schedule, helping me eliminate the excuse of not having enough time. The workouts are very well laid out and honestly work for all body types. I am just getting back into working out and heavier than I'd like to be. But, I have been able to complete the workouts successfully and at my own pace,which has been huge for my confidence! I love that the program is through an app that is very user friendly and the videos are well done. The movements are explained thoroughly and I can watch as many times as I need to in order to complete the movement safely and properly. I would highly recommend this program for those who are looking to improve their health and well being as well as their performance. Thank you Adrian and XIP for this awesome at-home workout program! 

Sarah - VT

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How It Works

Our online training platform makes it easy to access your workouts and track your progress each week and month. We utilize the Trainheroic app to deliver programs full of videos and descriptions straight to your phone from our coaching staff.

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I’m 2.5 weeks into the XIP Home Team Program and I couldn’t be happier with the programming, my coaches, or the results I’m noticing! I tried working out independently during the Covid craziness, but I learned very quickly that I just can’t do that. I missed XIP, I made excuses everyday to skip my workouts, I called a short walk “good enough”, and most importantly, I started not feeling like myself physically or emotionally. Thankfully, the XIP Home Team Program started and I jumped on the opportunity. I felt like myself again after just a couple of days. I especially love the zoom workouts with Jackie twice a week - it’s amazing how much she pushes us through in 30 minutes. Jackie and Adrian are passionate about what they do and it’s obvious when you’re a part of this program. It’s contagious and their hard work is what keeps me going - excited to sweat through another session everyday!