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Currently in my sophomore year at Plymouth thanks to XIP I’m sitting 85 topped at 87 in the fall and time on the mound has increased and now I can experience conference games on a regular basis. Wish I knew about XIP in high school because they have my business any day of the week, thank you XIP staff.

Tyler Brown

Tyler PalmierI

I spent my next off-season training at XIP, and when I decided to transfer to St. Johnsbury Academy my senior year, I was able to start and compete in Division 1 D1 against Vermont’s best football players. From there I made the Vermont North South senior bowl, and then the Vermont Shrine football team. I am now currently a freshman at Norwich University playing NCAA football. Adrian and the staff at XIP helped turn me from an average player, into someone who could compete alongside Vermont’s top athletes and helped me get to the next level after high school."

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JJ Mesics

I can honestly say that because of the training I have received over the past 7 or 8 years at XIP I was able to reach my full potential as an athlete, and achieve my dream of playing college football.  XIP is trying to improve the athletic potential of every athlete in my hometown and beyond, and show them that through hard work and effective programming they can compete in athletics at the next level after high school. This was so valuable to me as a young adult growing up in Lyndonville VT.  Not only did I learn how to make myself a better athlete at XIP; I also learned to be humble, dedicated, and hardworking.

JJ Mesics
Tyler Palmieri

Ethan roberts

When I came in to XIP that summer the first thing I noticed right away was the energy that I experienced just walking through the door. There was something different about training at XIP. I felt one hundred percent confident that what I was doing was going to make me better; and it did. In a little over a year, I brought my 40 yard dash time down by half a second. XIP helped me attain all the goals I set for myself, and I'm not sure that I would be in the spot I am without them.

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Ethan Roberts

Aiden Whiting

As a parent of an athlete that tore his ACL & Meniscus in his junior year of high school playing the game he loved most, basketball, it was a devastating setback for a child that lives for sports and being active. The recovery time frame was set at roughly a year by Aiden’s doctor which going into his senior year was not something he handled well. At first all we could stress was do your PT and everything your Dr said to do. Once Aiden was out of his knee immobilizer brace and able to bear weight on knee (6 weeks) his doctor recommended if he wanted to try to get back sooner to contact Adrian Guyer, owner/trainer of XIP Training Systems. We reached out to Adrian who provided us with all the amazing things they do - strength training, injury reconditioning and his thoughts on Aiden and his recovery. We spent a good hour on the phone. As a parent we will do everything to help our children get better and stronger. Though this had to be a decision Aiden had to make because it was over an hour one way to XIP, commitment and hard work as well. He did not hesitate and said yes, sign me up please. He wanted to play basketball his senior year. Aiden began traveling 3 days a week for his training sessions for 5 months, also having at home routines and his App program that were specifically tailored to his injury and adapted his program as he got stronger. Adrian held Aiden accountable and pushed him when needing to be pushed, they had a goal. He also would keep us parents updated and reach out with concerns. They create a family atmosphere at XIP, they are introduced to the other athletes so they know they are not alone on their journey. Aiden’s hopes of being ready for the beginning of his senior year of basketball was going to be a challenge. With Adrian and his team by Aiden’s side for 5 months that challenge was accepted and conquered. We never thought he would be back on the floor in 8 months. Aiden had a few
hiccups throughout his recovery but Adrian knew exactly what to do and what to recommend. We can NOT say enough good things about XIP and we highly recommend them. They truly care about their clients. Adrian continues to check in with Aiden often and that means the world to us knowing he cares so much even after he is done with the program. They stress strength training and keeping that strength to prevent injuries. Now that basketball is done Aiden will be back at the gym using all he learned at XIP to keep his core strength up and prepare for
Thank you so much Adrian & Team at XIP!!
-The Whiting’s

Aiden Whiting

AVERy vilandrie

"I loved my XIP online training sessions this fall while at school! Having the app on my phone made it very easy to access, and I really enjoyed being able to scroll back and see my progress from the past weeks. Being able to provide Adrian with feedback and update the program was also another great plus. Having the videos of exercises at my fingertips helped me understand how to do each exercise even without Adrian there. Overall, it was a great way to keep up with XIP's programming and coaching even when I'm not at XIP! I look forward to continuing my virtual training through the app throughout my competitive season! "

Avery Vilandrie
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Brianna Doty

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"I have loved the XIP At Home program specifically for ice hockey performance! With gyms previously being closed, spending the summer in Maine, and not having skated in months, I was extremely nervous about remaining in shape for myself and my sport. However, Adrian and the XIP team made it simple and enjoyable to train at home! The access to the Train Heroic App on my phone is super easy to use wherever I was able to get my workout in and the example videos helped me understand each movement! I have worked out at XIP for many years and I can say that I would not be at the level of performance I am at without the help and guidance from the XIP team. Even though this program was At Home, Adrian remained just as accessible over the phone like he would be in person to answer any questions I have and adjust the program if needed for my own individual needs. This program kept me motivated and strong throughout the long months of quarantine. My favorite part about these programs is the attention to detail and how I can always feel the progress after each week. I am able to go into another season even stronger than before and am ready to go for the season!"

Brianna Doty

Hunter Patenaude

I got introduced to XIP in 2017 by Lincoln Lemieux. I started training with him and Adrian 2 days a week and right off, I knew this place would prepare me for the upcoming snocross season. We were pushed to our limits and Adrian served as a good motivator. Working
out with Lincoln helped because we pushed each other. It was especially helpful for me because someday I want to be at his level. There wasn’t a day we walked out of XIP not feeling like we gave it our all. Adrian recently put together a virtual training program which allowed me to work out at my gym at home. Lincoln and I were also able to workout during race season through this virtual program which made it easier for us because of the constant traveling. Through this experience I have grown not just physically but mentally. The program pushed me beyond my comfort zone which allowed me to grow as an athlete. I can’t thank the whole XIP family enough for making me feel right at home the second I walked in.

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Hunter Patenaude

Evan Daudt

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Throughout my snocross career my training program had basically consisted of all out max HR cardio and CrossFit workouts 5 days a week for 3 months leading up to the season with little time allotted for recovery. The basic idea was to push myself as hard as I possibly could so I’d be tough enough to handle anything the season threw at me. The problem was I never seemed to be able to make it through any of my races without being dead tired at the end when it was most important to be physically and mentally strong. After losing faith in my training program and talking to one of my buddies who works with Adrian I decided to give XIP a shot. I was amazed at how different this new training regimen was from my old one. Don’t get me wrong, we did some super challenging workouts that pushed me to my max and further, but there is a huge focus on mobility and recovery which I never really had in the past. I learned that quantity doesn’t always translate to better performance, but focusing on what’s going to help me in my specific sport is what makes the difference. Adrian created a program that focused on exactly what I need for snocross and it was even flexible to include things like dirt biking and training for running races I compete in during the off season. When the season began we changed things up to include practice days and to focus on maintaining and staying healthy. It’s crazy the difference I had after my first off season of training with XIP. Not only was I strong at the end of the races but I was able to charge and make passes when other riders were fatigued. My training and new found confidence I had in my fitness lead me to the best season I’ve had in my snocross career! Training with Adrian and XIP has been such a great experience and helped propel me over the plateau I feel like I’ve been at for a number of years!

Evan Daudt
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