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Athlete Success Story

"I have loved the XIP At Home program specifically for ice hockey performance! With gyms previously being closed, spending the summer in Maine, and not having skated in months, I was extremely nervous about remaining in shape for myself and my sport. However, Adrian and the XIP team made it simple and enjoyable to train at home! The access to the Train Heroic App on my phone is super easy to use wherever I was able to get my workout in and the example videos helped me understand each movement! I have worked out at XIP for many years and I can say that I would not be at the level of performance I am at without the help and guidance from the XIP team. Even though this program was At Home, Adrian remained just as accessible over the phone like he would be in person to answer any questions I have and adjust the program if needed for my own individual needs. This program kept me motivated and strong throughout the long months of quarantine. My favorite part about these programs is the attention to detail and how I can always feel the progress after each week. I am able to go into another season even stronger than before and am ready to go for the season! 

-Brianna Doty

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