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Are you a certified trainer, strength coach or movement specialist who is interested in a career in Northern Vermont? XIP is always looking for NEW TALENT!


XIP Training Systems is looking for motivated professionals who are interested in working in an elite training facility offering personal training, athlete development, group training and yoga.  Individuals should have a strong drive and be able to excel in a fast paced, results driven industry.  XIP provides clients and athletes with the highest level of training available in our region through evidence based programming and coaching. 


  • Trainers and coaches are required to have a degree in Exercise/Movement Science or other Health Science field.  Yoga instructors are required to have up to date certification, CPR, and insurance.

  • Athletic backgrounds are preferred but not required.

  • Must have good people skills and the ability to start conversation with anybody. 

  • Must be a Certified Nice Person.  If you can't smile and laugh please don't apply.

  • Must be eager to excel as a professional through continuing education, research and their own personal fitness.


XIP offers an incentivised Master Trainer Program for those individuals who show consistent performance for a two year period.

Athlete Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Athlete Training

"Working at XIP to fulfill my student internship was the best decision I could have made to progress in my education and professional development. If there is one thing that sets Adrian and the team apart from other facilities, it is their standards-for the organization, for themselves, and for their clients. They are committed to maintaining a positive and welcoming environment for every single person that walks in the door, and no one comes in without a greeting from one of the XIP team members. I strongly feel that working here has thoroughly prepared me to begin my career. I am grateful to have had the experience and highly recommend XIP for future interns pursuing a career in strength and conditioning."

-Evan Johnson,  NSCA CPT

"Working at XIP was one of the most beneficial experiences I have had developing myself as a professional in the field. The quality of training one can provide can not exceed ones knowledge and their ability to share this knowledge with those who seek it. While working at XIP, I discovered that this can be done in a very unique way that combines professionalism, discipline and most of all fun. The environment that is created at XIP is like none other. It allows for trainers to develop their knowledge while providing a product that stands above the rest." 


-Michael Rebeor, NSCA CPT, CSCS, USAW-1



"Adrian's approach to performance development is based on science, evidence, and best practice.  He treats the entire athlete (body, mind, and spirit) with an application that is intense and supportive.  If XIP were in New York, Boston, or Chicago - XIP would be a gold-mine; but then you'd have to train in New York, Boston, or Chicago.  Mr. Guyer much prefers the Northeast Kingdom!"


-Anthony Sgherza, P.T., A.T.C., PhD, C.S.C.S.

"I began working at XIP Training Systems entering my senior year of college. I feel working with Adrian and the team at XIP was an invaluable experience to my professional development. The environment that has been created at XIP involves high energy and a demand to be better. From the clients and athletes walking in the front door to the coaches walking in the back, a drive to be better is a unifying aspect at XIP. Myself being new to the exercise science field the staff at XIP encouraged me to ask questions and seek answers.  The unique thing I found working with XIP is that you never had to feel ashamed of asking a question. Even if you are “supposed to know it”, whatever that means, there is no judgement. Building knowledge, support, and muscle are the priorities at XIP. The only breaking down is of the muscular tissue. Every other aspect is positivity, encouragement, and overall fun. If I am lucky in my career I will get the opportunity to work at a facility similar to XIP but I know there cannot be another XIP Training Systems."


–John Hojek, NSCA CPT

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Let's Talk!


Those interested please send a resume to owner and founder

Adrian Guyer CSCS, USAW2, CSAC



Or send us your Resume and Contact info here:

XIP Training Systems

602 Main Street

Lyndonville, VT 05851

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