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The training staff at XIP recognizes that no-one is truly invincible regardless of how durable our training programs might make you feel.  Whether big or small, injuries will happen, it's the price we pay for pushing our bodies to the furthest most limits of what it is capable of.  Sometimes it happens when we least expect it, a slip on the ice, a car accident, crash on the bike, lifting something in an awkward position, blah blah blah.  Trust me we've been there, and we know that an injury that takes you away from the active lifestyle you are accustomed to living can be devastating to an athlete’s mental state.  Our "reconditioning" programs are not "rehab" programs.  Save rehab for the alcoholics, we are athletes and our recovery must reflect this.  We want our athletes to understand that even though you have an injury, that injury is just a small piece of the entire system and our reconditioning programs provide this type of training stimulus. 

Our team will create a program that will be specific to your injury but also address other weaknesses and imbalances during the process.  We are not physical therapists, but we do work with clinics and with your PT to transition clients who are ready to take that next step in the reconditioning process.  We have had some really fabulous results with our clients/athletes and through our continued research and dedication to providing the best training experience possible you can rest assured that you are in good hands!