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The training staff at XIP recognizes that no-one is truly invincible regardless of how durable our training programs might make you feel.  Whether big or small, injuries will happen, it's the price we pay for pushing our bodies to the furthest most limits of what it is capable of.  Sometimes it happens when we least expect it, a slip on the ice, a car accident, crash on the bike, lifting something in an awkward position, blah blah blah.  Trust me we've been there, and we know that an injury that takes you away from the active lifestyle you are accustomed to living can be devastating to an athlete’s mental state.  Our "reconditioning" programs are not "rehab" programs.  Save rehab for the alcoholics, we are athletes and our recovery must reflect this.  We want our athletes to understand that even though you have an injury, that injury is just a small piece of the entire system and our reconditioning programs provide this type of training stimulus. 




Our team of certified trainers, strength coaches and movement specialists will be sure to create a program that will be specific to your injury but also address other weaknesses and imbalances during the process.  We are not physical therapists, but we do work with clinics and with your PT to transition clients who are ready to take that next step in the reconditioning process.  We have had some really fabulous results with our clients and through our continued research and dedication to providing the best training experience possible we will continue to get even better!

ACL Reconditioning - Pro Snocross Rider

Lincoln Lemieux

ACL Reconditioning - Athlete

Lindsay Joyal


Emily Doty

Emily’s story: A Mom’s perspective

Emily Doty. My daughter. A 3-season sport athlete participating with youth teams, and becoming a Varsity athlete as a freshman in High School Soccer, and Softball.

Not only did Emily enjoy playing sports, but she was blessed with a natural talent that allowed her to excel with whatever she participated in. During her underclassman years at Lyndon Institute, she made The Caledonian Record’s “Dream Team” for soccer & softball multiple times, and was nominated as “Athlete of the Week” for softball, during her Junior year. Also during her Junior year, she played Girls Varsity Hockey for North Country High School, and was instrumental in helping the team make it to the Finals, for the first time in North Country’s Girls Hockey history.

To increase her exposure to potential colleges, Emily decided to play ASA Summer Softball before starting her Senior Year. Unfortunately, her world came crashing down when she tore her ACL in her right knee during a 4th of July tournament in Conway, NH.

As surgery occurred August 19th, 2013, Emily would not be able to play soccer. She had never missed a sport for many years, so missing out of her Senior year of soccer, and potentially hockey and softball seemed like the cruelest joke that fate could ever play with my daughter. Fortunately, the skilled staff at the Alpine Clinic performed a successful ACL surgery on Emily. Although Emily could have opted to play hockey, she didn’t want to risk not being able to play her final sport at LI. She was going to do everything in her power to compete in her Senior softball season.

Lee French

Lyndonville, VT

After total left knee replacement, I was directed to physical therapy. At that time my left leg was atrophied due to lack of use. The physical therapist worked with me to improve my range of motion and start building the strength and stamina that I had lost. It was then suggested that in order to completely achieve my goals, I go to XIP to bring me back to full strength.


My therapist arranged a meeting with the staff at XIP to discuss my particular issues. XIP has helped me regain strength and stamina and reduce fatigue, but has also been very critical as to how this gets accomplished. XIP and my therapist stay in contact and through their professionalism and determination has gotten me back to skiing only four months after surgery. I am very grateful that my therapist had the foresight to help put me in a place with people so conscientious and caring.


Thanks to the XIP Staff,


Lee French -- Burke, Vermont

Lincoln Lemieux

Lyndonville, VT

On January 9th, 2015 I tore my ACL racing snocross. Two months earlier, I had signed my first professional contract, an accomplishment I had only dreamed of. While my injury was devastating, there was no time to look back and think about what I could have done differently. Instead, I had to look towards rehab and bettering myself for the upcoming season, which is why I contacted Adrian Guyer at XIP. I'm a professional athlete so it was time that I started training like one. The great thing about XIP is that you get professional level training whether you're a high school athlete, an everyday person, or a professional athlete. Without Adrian's and XIP's help, I don't believe I would have recovered or been as strong as I was. Between strength and conditioning, diet, and yoga at XIP, there is no better place to go in the Northeast Kingdom, and arguably New England. You need three things to succeed: Hard work, confidence, and support. XIP helped me gain my confidence back by pushing me in every workout, as well as supporting me when I needed it the most. Knowing where I wanted to be, XIP made it easier to push through and work harder. Without the countless hours spent programming and the support from XIP and Adrian, I wouldn't be where I am today. This season, which began only 9 months after my surgery, I ended up taking third in the championship, and was on the podium multiple times. There may only be one person riding the sled, but you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with and I couldn't be happier to have Adrian and XIP a part of my team, and I'm grateful he lets me be a part of XIP’s team.

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