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Athlete At Home Phase 1 & Phase 2

Athlete At Home Phase 1 & Phase 2


8 Week Program - 5 days/week


Training Variables - Movements in this program represent all levels of difficulty and can be easily scaled for beginner to advanced level athletes.

These variables include – Strength, Power, Lactate Threshold/Anaerobic Capacity, Speed, Change of Direction, Joint Health, Mobility & Stability


Equipment Needs - Continuous loop bands, mini bands, light DB’s or KB’s (can substitute with a loaded backpack or sandbag), sliders (can substitute with socks on a wood floor or pieces of cardboard on carpet)

Click this link for a detailed description of equipment needs.


This program includes both phase one and phase 2 of our Athlete At Home High School and College program.  This 8 week program represents a very comprehensive approach to training for the athlete at home.

It is recommended that athletes have continuous loop bands, and DB's or KB's.  Although this is not a requirement it is recommended.  The program will build an athletes reactive strength and power capabilities in the strength sessions while enhancing their speed and change of direction in the on field sessions. 2 days each week focus on speed work and change of direction drills and athletes will need approximately 50yds to run.  Just as in phase one there are conditioning workouts for "Field Sport Athletes" as well as "Distance Runners" to help improve their energy system performance.  We include recovery stretching after each workout as well as a 5th and final day of yoga to help athletes recover and maintain healthy movement capacity. 

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