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Elite On Court Basketball Pre-Season

Elite On Court Basketball Pre-Season

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The Elite On Court Pre Season program was designed for the High School and Youth basketball athlete, coaches and parents.  This program can be completed at the court with just a basketball, a few bands and a winning mindset.  Athletes will have 2 strength/power/plyometric/speed sessions, 2-3 on court skill development sessions and 3 recovery/injury prevention sessions each week.  

Many strength and conditioning programs neglect the basketball specific skills needed as part of an athletes pre season preparation, but the Elite On Court program includes skill development training from a strength coach who is also in the trenches with you as a basketball athlete and competitor.  Rather than just going to the court to "shoot around" each day you can show up with a plan to help you every step of the way. This program is the perfect fit for a HS Coach to implement for his athletes during the "hands off period" prior to the season. We also include recovery modules and foot/ankle strength modules that athletes can use both in season and out to help them move better on and off the court.

Links to the bands needed for this program: 


First Place Superbands (Resistance Bands) 

One of each size: 1", 3/4", 1/2", 1/4" 

First Place Mini Band 

2 Green, 2 Yellow, 2 Blue

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