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Pre Season Soccer (Phase 1&2)

Pre Season Soccer (Phase 1&2)


8 Week Program – Option of 4 training days/week


Training Variables – Strength, Power, Plyometrics, Lactate Threshold/Anaerobic Capacity, Joint Health, Mobility & Stability


Equipment Needs: Grass or Turf Field, Dumbbells, Bands, Mini Bands, Barbell, Squat Rack, Adjustable Bench, Pull Up Bar, Fan Bike OR Rower, Stability Ball, Set of Cones, Heart Rate Monitor


What sets this program apart from others is the on-field training.  A well written training plan, especially a pre season program, should be more specific to demands you will experience over the course of a season.  For this reason you will be training on-field for two days and in the weightroom two days each week. Being a great athlete is not just about lifting heavy weights at the gym, you must be able to apply that strength to your movement on the field to truly be successful.  What better way to improve your running capabilities than by training high speed on the field? If you are worried about your cardiovascular capacity, check that box off too because this program has got you covered there also. The program will ensure you are hitting a variety of different heart rate zones that correlate with the desired training benefits (i.e. improvements in oxygen consumption and lactate threshold).  Don’t wait any longer to purchase XIP’s Pre Season Soccer program today!

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