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Ridgeline Athlete - Bare Bones P1 & P2

Ridgeline Athlete - Bare Bones P1 & P2


8 Week Program – Option of 5 training days/week 


Training Variables – Strength, Power/Plyometrics, Aerobic Capacity/Lactate Threshold Training, Loaded Runs/Hikes


Equipment Needs: Dumbbells, Bands, Mini Bands, Cardio Option: Fan Bike, Rower, Mtn Bike, Spin Bike, or Running


**For a detailed explanation of what equipment is required to complete this program, please click here


Welcome to the Ridgeline Athlete Bare Bones Program!  If you are reading this it’s evident that you are invested and committed to your performance as a backcountry or wilderness athlete and maybe interested in how Ridgeline Athlete could help you in achieving your goals.  The Bare Bones Phase 1 program is 4 weeks long with 5 training days each week. It’s designed to provide athletes with a minimalist approach to physical preparation for your sport, requiring very little equipment or the need for a gym membership.  The program will enhance the performance variables needed to find success in the backcountry or on the trails such as your aerobic capacity, your strength and power as it transfers to your sport, mobility and movement quality, and recovery strategies such as yoga and flexibility.  Phase 2 of the Bare Bones Program brings increased intensity and volume to each of the 5 days of training over the next 4 weeks. We continue to build on your strength as well as more dynamic power development to help athletes prepare for the dynamic and plyometric nature of their sport(s).  We also focus on deceleration and your ability to quickly and effectively create force each time the foot hits the ground. For hunters and backcountry athletes who will be carrying loaded packs for long hauls, Phase 2 will also incorporate progressively heavier loads into the loaded hike day of the program. The interval days are both tougher and longer while we continue to develop your VO2 max and aerobic threshold.  For athletes who have been training and have established baselines in strength and work capacity, you might want to start your Ridgeline Athlete training with the Phase 2 Program.  


After purchasing the program you will receive an email containing an access code that you will need to access the program through the Train Heroic App that you will download on your mobile device.

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