XIP Athlete Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in an XIP Athlete Scholarship!


Scholarships are available to Middle School, High School, and College level athletes who want to get a leg up on their competition through the assistance of our summer programs.

If you or your child would like to attend an XIP Performance Camp and your family could benefit from some financial assistance, please email info.xiptraining@gmail.com with your responses to the following questions:

1) Describe what it means to be an athlete?

2) What are your core values?


3) Please list your top 3 goals for yourself as an athlete, present and future?


4) Explain how XIP can help you reach those goals.


5) What obstacles have you had to overcome in your athletic career?

6) Do you have aspirations of going to college and playing college athletics?

If so how committed are you to achieving this goal?


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