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XIP ATHLETE Vermont flames program

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AAH Hockey - Equipment Needs

AAH Hockey - Equipment Needs

Tyler Brown.JPG
Tyler brown

Currently in my sophomore year at Plymouth thanks to XIP I’m sitting 85 topped at 87 in the fall and time on the mound has increased and now I can experience conference games on a regular basis. Wish I knew about XIP in high school because they have my business any day of the week, thank you XIP staff.

Brianna 3.jpeg
Brianna Doty

I have loved the XIP At Home program specifically for ice hockey performance! With gyms previously being closed, spending the summer in Maine, and not having skated in months, I was extremely nervous about remaining in shape for myself and my sport. However, Adrian and the XIP team made it simple and enjoyable to train at home! The access to the Train Heroic App on my phone is super easy to use wherever I was able to get my workout in and the example videos helped me understand each movement!

JJ Mesics

I can honestly say that because of the training I have received over the past 7 or 8 years at XIP I was able to reach my full potential as an athlete, and achieve my dream of playing college football.  XIP is trying to improve the athletic potential of every athlete in my hometown and beyond, and show them that through hard work and effective programming they can compete in athletics at the next level after high school. This was so valuable to me as a young adult growing up in Lyndonville VT.  Not only did I learn how to make myself a better athlete at XIP; I also learned to be humble, dedicated, and hardworking.

Ethan Roberts.JPG
Ethan roberts

When I came in to XIP that summer the first thing I noticed right away was the energy that I experienced just walking through the door. There was something different about training at XIP. I felt one hundred percent confident that what I was doing was going to make me better; and it did. In a little over a year, I brought my 40 yard dash time down by half a second. XIP helped me attain all the goals I set for myself, and I'm not sure that I would be in the spot I am without them.

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