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Adrian Guyer

Owner, Founder, CSCS, RSCC, USAW 2, CSAC

Owner and founder Adrian Guyer's extensive athletic background coupled with over a decade of training experience make him an invaluable asset to those looking to become healthier, more fit, better performing individuals.  Adrian attributes his passion for training to his experiences as a high school athlete at Burke Mountain Academy where the importance of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence were instilled in him at a young age.
He graduated HS from Lyndon Institute and excelled in 5 varsity sports throughout his H.S. Career including baseball, football, ski racing, track and field, and soccer. College took a turn after a head on car accident took him away from college football and into a lot of rehabilitation.  This lead him to switch careers from wildlife biology to a degree in Exercise Science.  He then went on to play 4 years of college baseball at Lyndon State College and graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science with a focus in Strength and Conditioning from Lyndon State in 2007.  He knew at that time that opening a training facility in his home town was what he would some day do.
His passion is making people better in all aspects of their lives, and training sessions with him make you fully aware of what this means. He has worked with over a thousand athletes of all levels, young and old from almost every major sport and level.  He also specializes in injury reconditioning and return to play training programs. “It is a pretty awesome feeling to have come full cycle and be back in my hometown doing what I love most with the people I care so much about. This has been my dream for a long time”

Adrian requires a few things of those who train with him:
1) Be passionate about making yourself better and approach your training with this mindset.
2) A “half ass” effort will only yield “half ass” results. Always strive to be better. 
3) Smile, and enjoy the ride and it will never end.

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