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You can’t out-train a bad diet. No matter how often you exercise, your overall results and goals will be hindered without the proper nutrition. What we consume everyday is our fuel and key to taking your training to the next level. If you don’t fuel yourself properly, you won’t alter body composition, recovery will be delayed, performance as an athlete will decline, and energy levels will be down. Give your body what it needs in order to be successful and make true progress! With nutrition coaching, you and your coach will go over weekly food logs, make a nutrition plan tailored to your needs, and track your progress as you go to make sure you are always moving forward.


Foundational Nutrition Coaching Programs

Available in both 12 & 16 week formats, this option is for anyone who feels like they need help overhauling their nutrition lifestyle in order to reach their goals. This coaching strategy applies strategic behavior modifications that accumulate to help you form a foundation of nutrition habits that are crucial to achieving optimal health, as well as elevated body composition and performance goals. These programs include an initial assessment and biweekly 15-minute coaching calls to deliver your next nutrition assignment, go over any obstacles and to work on individualized strategies for success. 

Individualized Meal Planning

This option is available for individuals who have completed a Foundational Nutrition Coaching Program, or who Coach Jackie has assessed and determined to already consistently demonstrate implementation of foundational nutrition habits. An individualized meal plan will break down specific caloric, and macronutrient ranges as well as provide 3 specific suggestions for each meal/snack time. This program includes an initial assessment, a Q & A call upon delivery of the program as well as one additional 15-minute coaching check in within a month to go over questions or make necessary adjustments. 

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Unless a client is injured while participating in an XIP Program there are no refunds and client will be held to the full terms of their commitment.
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