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Lyndonville, VT

"I have trained with Adrian for the past four years.  He has been, in every way, extraordinary.  Despite my gray hair and unending orthopedic hiccups Adrian has keep me in the game."

Burke, VT

"Knowing that my career is in the outdoor industry and how important getting back to sport fully was to me, my physical therapist suggested that I reach out and start working with Adrian to address the remaining muscular issues and prepare me for my upcoming Mountain Bike racing season." 

"XIP helped me gain my confidence back by pushing me in every workout, as well as supporting me when I needed it the most. Knowing where I wanted to be, XIP made it easier to push through and work harder."

Lyndonville, VT

"I spent my next off-season training at XIP, and when I decided to transfer to St. Johnsbury Academy my senior year, I was able to start and compete in Division 1 D1 against Vermont’s best football players."

St. Johnsbury, VT

"There was something different about training at XIP. I felt one hundred percent confident that what I was doing was going to make me better; and it did. In a little over a year, I brought my 40 yard dash time down by half a second. XIP helped me attain all the goals I set for myself, and I'm not sure that I would be in the spot I am without them."

Lyndonville, VT

"All of the trainers at XIP truly care about your personal well-being and are very supportive and motivating while also providing athletes (we are all athletes) with a complete education on your health, fitness and performance. XIP is nothing like the big chains, this gym offers a sense of family and community that I love."

Lyndonville, VT

"XIP is trying to improve the athletic potential of every athlete in my hometown and beyond, and show them that through hard work and effective programming they can compete in athletics at the next level after high school."

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Xtra Innings Performance is here to provide the highest level of strength and conditioning and general health fitness exercise prescription in our region. The mission of Xtra Innings Performance and their trainers is to not only provide results, but to also educate clients and athletes in the field of health and fitness so that they can make healthy lifestyle choices on their own.


We will provide individualized training programs based on your goals, nutrition consultation, group training, athlete camps and much more!


“We will never claim to work miracles here at XIP, however we will guarantee results to those individuals who are ready to consistently put in the time and make the necessary lifestyle changes to be better at whatever they do. Nothing great ever happens without putting in an equal amount of effort to achieve it, and that is exactly what we at XIP will help you do.”


Our athletes continue to rise above their competitions each and every season. We have camps for ages

Five-College and we cover all the bases from strength, speed, agility, Olympic lifting, mobility and nutrition. 


 Our "reconditioning" programs are not "rehab" programs, and studies have proven that when individuals view the recovery process as such they recover much quicker and many times to a better place than before the injury occurred.  Save rehab for the alcoholics, we are athletes and our recovery must reflect this.  


XIP Training Systems is a training facility in Lyndonville, VT where athletes and individuals with performance goals can come and receive cutting edge training programs from certified trainers and coaches.  XIP offers a multitude of services to fit your training needs from personal training to injury reconditioning to group training to yoga and much more.  We at XIP work hard to provide clients and athletes with the highest level of training available in Northern Vermont and New England through evidence based programs that are both safe and effective.  Check out the options below to see where training will fit into your life!  


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