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Hockey Performance - Athletes At Home

Hockey Performance - Athletes At Home


8 week Program 

2 Training days/week
Training Variables: Strength (BW and loaded), power, speed, plyometrics, recovery and mobility/flexibility, 


Equipment needs: Continuous loop bands, DB’s, mini bands, furniture sliders or a wool sock on a wood or tile floor, loaded backpack or weight vest. 


This program was designed for hockey players who want to develop their off ice strength, power and speed and don't have a fully equipped gym at their disposal. The 8 week program has 2 training sessions a week and puts a big emphasis on an athletes ability to move more explosively and create force quickly. The program also incorporates mobility and corrective movements that will help to build durability and keep hockey players healthy throughout their seasons.  We have watched athletes improve broad jump distances,10 yard acceleration times, change of direction speed, strength, power and plyometric abilities with this program.  Many of the movements in the program are designed specifically for the biomechanical demands placed on the hockey athlete and have been utilized at the highest levels with great success. 


Athlete Success Story - Click to Read 

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