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Ella Skalwald

Burke, VT

In 2016 when I had reconstructive ACL and Meniscus surgery, I was told it would be a long recovery of 12-18 Months.  After 8 months of Physical Therapy, I was able to be turned loose to the world according to my insurance.  Although my range of motion and the strength of my new ligament were good, I was still suffering from the effects of atrophy in my left leg. Knowing that my career is in the outdoor industry and how important getting back to sport fully was to me, my physical therapist suggested that I reach out and start working with Adrian to address the remaining muscular issues and prepare me for my upcoming Mountain Bike racing season.  When I came in, Adrian was amazing at setting up a baseline with body measurements, strength and mobility tests.  Based on these tests we set forth with a plan to even out my body left and right and build muscle for a productive season.  I started working with him in January 2017 and by my first race in April, I was more even strength left and right than before my surgery, stronger than I ever have been and went on to have my most successful race season yet!  I would highly recommend working with Adrian or his team for any of your fitness goals, specifically if you are wanting to come back better and stronger after an injury!

Tyler Brown

Littleton, NH

My name is Tyler Brown, and my sport of focus is baseball. Grew up loving the game of baseball and was always an above average player in the Littleton area and had an excellent high school experience with baseball and everything. Started college baseball at Plymouth State as a very inexperienced pitcher and even more naive weightlifter. My dad was the only one to give me a workout plan, and he did a great job of doing it, but when it came down to it, it wasn’t even close to what Adrian and his staff knew about working out. Started XIP in the winter of 2016-2017 and in that month that I had off I came back stronger and way more experienced in the weight room. Then I had my season, and it was not one that I would like to remember, but it was my first season. Then over the summer of 2017, I went there, and that was when I saw just how effective the training was. My first year I was sitting 82ish on a good day and topped at 85 but hit that a very few times. Currently in my sophomore year at Plymouth thanks to XIP I’m sitting 85 topped at 87 in the fall and time on the mound has increased and now I can experience conference games on a regular basis. Wish I knew about XIP in high school because they have my business any day of the week, thank you XIP staff.

Sandra Rankin

St. Johnsbury, VT

Now that the fall sports season is well under way, I would like to thank Adrian Guyer and his staff at XIP Training Systems! Both my son and daughter worked out at XIP last winter and all summer to prepare for their upcoming school seasons. My daughter moved up to high school and my son transitioned to college. They are both stronger, faster and more agile thanks to XIP. 


If you are a parent of a student athlete,  I highly recommend Adrian Guyer and XIP for knowledgeable and safe performance training! 

Dr. Broderick

Lyndonville, Vt

I have trained with Adrian for the past four years.  He has been, in every way, extraordinary.  Despite my gray hair and unending orthopedic hiccups Adrian has kept me in the game.  His thoughtful (always with a smile) insights and ability to apply cutting edge sports science in real time are nothing short of spectacular.  He knows human movement,  competitive sports, exercise science, and the value of humor and good timing.  His is a rare talent.


As a physician I have referred multiple patients to Adrian....chronic back pain, orthopedic challenges, joint pain, neurologic diseases, and so on.  Without exception each patient has benefitted immensely and have actually improved their level of function, and, most importantly, their overall happiness.  This has been a life changing experience for these good folks.  I feel very fortunate to have Adrian as an unfailingly successful option for my patients.  His work is nothing short of world class.  


Whether you are healthy, injured, challenged or just wanting to up your game I would urge you to take advantage of a rare opportunity to work with one of the best.  You will be better.

Tyler Palmieri

Lyndonville, VT

"All through youth football I was never the biggest, fastest, or strongest kid on the offensive line. This became very clear to me my freshman year of high school at LI. I knew I was gonna have to work harder than some of the other kids to compete at that level. Working out at school alone was not enough because most of the time I had no clue what to and just back squatted or benched for an hour. Come my sophomore year our school got the football team workout sessions twice a week at XIP. These sessions were at 4:30 am before school, in season. Those early mornings I would walk in, barely awake, and see Adrian wired and energetic, ready to help make us into bigger, stronger, and faster athletes, I knew he truly cared and that I was in the right place to get better. Once off-season came and those sessions expired, I knew that if I wanted to compete, Adrian would help me get there. After a long off-season at XIP I came back and started varsity my junior year. Adrian not only made me stronger, but showed me how to make myself better. I became addicted and would be in the weight room after school doing what Adrian had showed me during previous sessions. I spent my next off-season training at XIP, and when I decided to transfer to St. Johnsbury Academy my senior year, I was able to start and compete in Division 1 D1 against Vermont’s best football players. From there I made the Vermont North South senior bowl, and then the Vermont Shrine football team. I am now currently a freshman at Norwich University playing NCAA football. Adrian and the staff at XIP helped turn me from an average player, into someone who could compete alongside Vermont’s top athletes and helped me get to the next level after high school."

-Tyler Palmieri

Ethan Roberts

St. Johnsbury, VT

“It was the summer before my junior year in high school when I decided to train at XIP. I had heard many great things about it, and had already met Adrian playing youth football as he would come every Monday to help coach and teach us our dynamic warm up. When I came in to XIP that summer the first thing I noticed right away was the energy that I experienced just walking through the door. There was something different about training at XIP. I felt one hundred percent confident that what I was doing was going to make me better; and it did. In a little over a year, I brought my 40 yard dash time down by half a second. XIP helped me attain all the goals I set for myself, and I'm not sure that I would be in the spot I am without them.  I am now a freshman at St. Lawrence University and play defense on the football team. I'd like to thank XIP for all they’ve  done for me as an athlete, and I look forward to getting back to training with them again in the near future.”

JJ Mesics

Lyndonville, VT

“My name is JJ Mesics, and I currently play football at Husson University in Bangor Maine, but I was born and raised in Lyndonville Vermont. My experience with XIP and Adrian Guyer is unlike many athletes that have benefited from the training because XIP and the Guyer family always took care of me, and treated me like family. I started training with XIP back in the 5th grade when it first started and before there was a facility. It was just Adrian coaching 20 kids to be better athletes on the soccer fields in our home town. Back then I was just a kid with a dream of playing college football one day. Throughout the years of training I’ve seen XIP grow, and do great things for young athletes like me in the area and beyond.
XIP was involved in most of the local youth teams as I was growing up providing speed and agility camps for athletes in the summers. I always attended the XIP summer programs that were offered, but when I was in high school the involvement with XIP and the school’s athletic programs went to the next level. Our full football, baseball, and basketball teams were now fortunate enough to train at XIP with their staff both before and during our competitive seasons. This helped our teams get physically ready for the season, and it payed off because I was a part of two state championship teams that were training at XIP during that time.
I also did my physical therapy and rehabilitation at XIP in high school with Adrian at XIP. Football is a rough sport and while playing football I’ve broken my left collar bone, right leg, and sprained my ACL and MCL. Every time I was injured Adrian and XIP staff were right there to strengthen, and recondition my injuries. The staff at XIP always helped me get back to competing, and made sure I was stronger than when the injury occurred to prevent re injury. With e-stim, therapy, strength training, and the trainers at XIP I got back on the field, and was able to perform at my best.
I can honestly say that because of the training I have received over the past 7 or 8 years at XIP I was able to reach my full potential as an athlete, and achieve my dream of playing college football.  XIP is trying to improve the athletic potential of every athlete in my hometown and beyond, and show them that through hard work and effective programming they can compete in athletics at the next level after high school. This was so valuable to me as a young adult growing up in Lyndonville VT.  Not only did I learn how to make myself a better athlete at XIP; I also learned to be humble, dedicated, and hardworking. XIP and the entire Guyer family has taken care of me and made me feel like family for as long as I can remember. I hope one day I am able to repay them for everything they’ve done for me. XIP helped me achieve my biggest dream, and there is no other word for that then priceless. I am proud to be an XIP athlete.”

JJ Mesics

Lincoln Lemieux

St. Johnsbury, VT

On January 9th, 2015 I tore my ACL racing snocross. Two months earlier, I had signed my first professional contract, an accomplishment I had only dreamed of. While my injury was devastating, there was no time to look back and think about what I could have done differently. Instead, I had to look towards rehab and bettering myself for the upcoming season, which is why I contacted Adrian Guyer at XIP. I'm a professional athlete so it was time that I started training like one. The great thing about XIP is that you get professional level training whether you're a high school athlete, an everyday person, or a professional athlete. Without Adrian's and XIP's help, I don't believe I would have recovered or been as strong as I was. Between strength and conditioning, diet, and yoga at XIP, there is no better place to go in the Northeast Kingdom, and arguably New England. You need three things to succeed: Hard work, confidence, and support. XIP helped me gain my confidence back by pushing me in every workout, as well as supporting me when I needed it the most. Knowing where I wanted to be, XIP made it easier to push through and work harder. Without the countless hours spent programming and the support from XIP and Adrian, I wouldn't be where I am today. This season, which began only 9 months after my surgery, I ended up taking third in the championship, and was on the podium multiple times. There may only be one person riding the sled, but you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with and I couldn't be happier to have Adrian and XIP as part of my team, and I'm grateful he lets me be a part of XIP’s team.

Ethan Paquette

West Burke, VT

From the moment I approached Adrian about training with him in the off season, I knew Xtra Innings Performance was exactly what I needed to meet my strength goals for the upcoming year. We sat down and put together an individualized training strategy to prepare my body for the grind of a minor league season in the MLB. Adrian’s one on one training forced my body into a rigorous session by session strength/power/agility progression that produced dynamic results. My broad jump, squat, bench, 40 yard dash, dead lift, and core strength and stability all drastically increased within a matter of weeks. Adrian demands a lot out of his athletes, which triggers overall strength and power production. I would strongly recommend this training for any serious athlete that considers that next level a viable option, whether making the varsity team, playing in college, or the professional level. I truly wish this type of training was around when I was in High School at St. Johnsbury Academy. Whether you’re an athlete just starting a workout regiment or an athlete looking to raise your level of play, XIP is the best facility in the Northeast to attain your goals. As a professional athlete I have worked with many different personal trainers and followed many workout routines, however Adrian and the staff at XIP are by far some of the best in the business. I can’t wait to continue working out with XIP to further my overall performance demands.

Ethan Paquette -- West Burke VT--Seattle Mariners 

Rich Alercio

St. Johnsbury, VT

“The St Johnsbury Academy football team has competed in the Vermont State Championship game 3 of the past 4 years.  We completed the 2017 season as the undefeated Division I State Champions.  The success of our program is built upon our philosophy that games are not won on weekends in the fall.  Although we have utilized XIP Training System’s strength program for the past couple of years, this year we incorporated their speed and change of direction training into our summer strength & conditioning program.  It translated into our athletes becoming more reactive and explosive on the field.  The ancillary benefit of the program helped us accomplish our number one goal of player safety.  We only had two starters miss one game each due to minor injuries during a rigorous 11-game schedule.  We did not have a non contact injury during the 2017 season.  XIP Training Systems helped our players to become bigger, stronger, faster, more agile and ultimately safer athletes.” 

Melynda Miller

St. Johnsbury, VT

To be quite honest, I often lack the self-motivation to work out on my own. When a friend of mine
recommend joining XIP, I really didn’t think that was the place for me. I wasn’t an athlete not even
close. With huge hesitation I reached out to Adrian in May 2013 and committed to an 8 week session.
Well here it is 4 years later and I absolutely love it. I train twice a week and I honestly can say that I look
forward to every session. All of the trainers at XIP truly care
about your personal well-being and are
very supportive and motivating.
XIP is nothing like the big chains, this gym offers a sense of family. You get to know the people you work
out with and build a network of good friends.
If you’re looking for a better quality of life, with trainers who are extremely knowledgeable and
genuinely care, XIP is the place.

Davis Guyer

Lyndonville, VT

“Growing up, I watched my older cousins and older sister playing whichever sport it was season for. From football, to baseball, to soccer it seemed as though I was always at one of their games and watching them perform at high levels. Watching them from the sidelines pushed me to want to be as good, if not better than they were. Sports have always been a huge part of my life, and I have always held myself to a higher standard than everyone else around me to be the best that I could. I would not be where I am today without the help of Adrian and XIP Training Systems. I started out with Speed and Agility camps in the summer leading up to my 8th Grade year of school. We would train for weeks throughout the summer working on the proper form for running and footwork to improve our skills in whichever sport we played. XIP has been a huge part of my life ever since then. My cousin, Josh, and I have worked out together every offseason since the first summer there were camps. Adrian and the staff at XIP, not only got us ready for the upcoming season, but they taught us along the way. While we were being pushed to train harder the coaches would always talk you through the drill to help you understand why we are doing this exercise, and what it can strengthen, as well as the injury it can prevent. Throughout High School at Lyndon Institute, you found Josh and I working out at XIP trying to get stronger, and also become as well-rounded of an athlete as we could be, and it showed. We went into every season in the best shape of anyone around us, and we were stronger than ever each year. Adrian and the coaching staff at XIP put their heart into their work, because they want us to perform as well as we want to. They are not afraid to push us to the next level, which is just what we needed. Now, I am a college pitcher at Lyndon State College, I could not thank Adrian enough. Like many athletes who play contact sports I have had some physical injuries throughout my athletic career, and have trusted no one more than Adrian to be able to get my injured limbs stronger than it was before. The charisma in the gym is like no other, as soon as you step into the gym you feel welcomed. Even as a newcomer, everyone that is training, or the coaches want nothing but for you to feel like you are wanted there. I am forever grateful that Adrian started XIP Training Systems, and I know that numerous people in the community are thankful for all that he has done for them, as well as anyone in need in the area. Any athlete that I have talked to about XIP has had nothing but great things to say about XIP, and as Adrian’s little cousin it makes me feel great knowing the difference he has made for everyone around here.”

With thanks,
Davis Guyer

Jack Clarner

East Burke, VT

“My name is Jack Clarner. I grew up in East Burke, Vermont and went to Burke Town School from first grade to eighth grade. After that, I chose to attend Kimball Union Academy in Plainfield, New Hampshire, mainly because of the tight knit community, and of course, the athletics. Growing up, I played hockey, soccer, baseball, and then switched to lacrosse in seventh grade. Now entering my third year at KUA, I continue to play hockey and lacrosse. The summer before my parents shipped me off to boarding school, was the summer I decided I wanted to take the next step in my off season training and enrolled in a performance camp at Xtra Innings Performance. Adrian Guyer created a program for the summer that focused on exercises that were beneficial to the sports I play. Anyone could have taught me how to bench press or squat, but the technique that I learned over the summer at XIP put me a step ahead of my teammates when we started training at school. Not to mention how much this extra muscle, speed and power helped me come game time.  I am extremely thankful for XIP and don't think I could have reached the next level without it.”


Jack Clarner

Ben McCormack

Newark, VT

I have always wanted to have a little more muscle in the upper body for work and play.    Last fall I got a scary infection and lost 19 pounds within 2 ½ months.  When I started to recover I went to see Adrian at XIP.  I had trained with Adrian earlier that summer and had excellent results overcoming weakness in my shoulders related to an old rotator cuff problem.  But coming back to training after being so sick was really intimidating to me.  I was so weak that I could not keep up with my wife when we were walking across a parking lot.  On my first day back it was a major struggle to do even 1 sit-up.  Adrian could see what I was working to overcome, and he pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself, but at a level that I could tolerate.  In the 6 weeks that I have been back at XIP I have put on 18 pounds of muscle and feel stronger than I ever have!  I can’t believe how fast I got back on track.  Thank you Adrian and XIP for the outstanding one on one help.  You’re the best!

Ben McCormack

Physical Therapist 

Owner Northern Physical Therapy 

Stacey Brisson-Randall

Waterford, VT

On June 4,2012 I joined XIP's bootcamp class and set a goal to lose 40 pounds by the time I turned 40. Tomorrow is my 40th birthday and today I met that goal. I have never felt as healthy as I do now. Thank you to Adrian Guyer, XIP Staff, fellow bootcampers, my family & friends & especially my husband for supporting me through this journey, I couldn't have done it without you!"


-Stacey Brisson-Randall

Amber Holden

Newark, VT

I was born and raised in Newark, VT. Being a girl from the NEK we are taught to be tough. Our fathers teach us to build, to work on our own vehicles, to arm wrestle and to stand up for ourselves. We are raised to be strong and confident; that’s who we are. When I started raising my own children, as all mothers know, my focus was on them and over the past ten years I slowly began to gain weight and feel less and less like myself. 1 ½ years ago I decided to join XIP. I was anxious and apprehensive (to put it lightly). I had never really worked out in a gym before. My spine is fused and I have rods the length of my spine. I had always just assumed, that because of my limited mobility, that there wasn’t much I could do in a gym. However, the training team at XIP have definitely shown me otherwise. They are always conscientious of my back, while pushing me at the same time. They have shown me I am capable of things that I would have never thought possible. Since I started training at XIP I have lost 42lbs and 36 inches overall, I feel great; like the “strong” and “confident” person I was raised to be. I would recommend training at XIP to anyone, young or old! Thanks XIP for everything you have done for me!


Amber Holden -- Newark VT

Wayne Burwell

Lebanon, NH

I think the best compliment that I could give Adrian Guyer is that I would work with him anywhere he went! His charisma and character is why I respect him not only as a professional in the field but also as a friend. He has sound ethics and morals in training and in life, which will stand out in his business. In the years that I have known him he consistently impresses me with his performance at work and outside of work, always looking to better himself as a trainer and as a person. I look forward to working with Adrian Guyer in the future and support him in any of his future endeavors


Wayne Burwell CSCS, Master Trainer

Anthony Sgherza

Cabot, VT

I have seen the future of health fitness - strength and conditioning at Lyndon State College and it's success lies in the initiative, passion, and prowess of Adrian Guyer, CSCS - creator of the Off-Season Training for Strength and Performance program for student-athletes at LSC. Margaret Fuller encouraged "If you have knowledge, let others light their candle in it." Adrian Guyer provides this spark for student-athletes to prepare for the rigors of their sport with a comprehensive, creative, and integrated off-season strength and conditioning program. I'd wager success to be the reward for student-athletes willing to meet the realization of this program.


Anthony Sgherza PT, ATC, PhD, CSCS 

Susannah Heschel

Dartmouth, NH

"I am writing at my own initiative, to express my admiration for Adrian Guyer, who has been my trainer over the course of several years.

            Since 1990 I have lived in many places: Dallas, Cleveland, Durham NC, Boston, and Hanover NH.  In each place, I have worked with various trainers.  Each has had a slightly different style, and some were excellent, others were mediocre.

            The very best trainer I have ever worked with is Adrian Guyer.  A workout with Adrian combines a focus on strength development with aerobic intensity; indeed, I have never worked harder in an hour than with him.  What makes the workout successful, above all, is Adrian's personality.  He is full of energy, warmth, and encouragement and he immediately conveys those qualities to his clients.  I finish the hour exhausted but thrilled with what I have accomplished – and I can't wait for the next session.  Unlike some trainers, who make me feel discouraged or overwhelmed, Adrian makes me feel inspired and want to work hard, and I look forward to each session despite knowing it will be difficult.  Adrian also varies each session with new strength-building exercises, and also incorporates aerobic activities to keep my heart rate up.  The variety is wonderful, and the results are fabulous. 

            One very important aspect: Adrian is always attentive when I am exercising.  He will correct what I am doing at times, and I am always confident that he is watching and making sure that I am not going to injure myself- and I never have had an injury when working with him.

            Please know that I am not an athletic person.  I am a professor and my occupation requires that I spend as much time as possible sitting.  I always hated sports as I was never any good at any of them.  I would not be motivated to go to the gym and train without a trainer.  Yet with some of my trainers, I have longed to cancel the appointment at the last minute- and with Adrian I can't wait for the next one!

            Let me add that the benefits are not just physical but psychological.  Adrian makes me feel strong and energetic-and he also makes me happy, optimistic, and filled with a desire to conquer the next tasks.  I return to my desk energized and enthusiastic about my work.  What could be better! 
            In conclusion, I want to say that Adrian is absolutely fabulous!"

Kattie Smedley

Lyndonville, VT

"As soon as a woman gets engaged there are many things that come to mind.  For me at the top of my list was to look and feel amazing when I said “I do”.

            I went to Adrian Guyer at XIP and had a consultation with him one afternoon.  We set goals and started off with a weigh in and all of my measurements.  Week after week my body was challenged.  I felt better, more energy, gaining strength and endurance, all a result of the training I was going through.  These changes all come easier when you have a trainer like Adrian there to encourage, motivate and push you harder.  My motivation excelled as we continued to train and I continued to see results.  I noticed shape in my arms and shoulders I had never seen before, my tummy tightened, I lost 14 total inches and found I was checking myself out in the mirror and smiling:)  I was now strong enough to do push ups the “boy way”, something I always wanted to do...

            Adrian always mentioned the wedding plans and reminded me of why I was working so hard.  Each day was different, working different muscles and teaching new things.  I'm the type of person that asks tons of questions, from exercise to nutrition, to sleep and training on my own, Adrian was always very helpful and knowledgeable and answered all of them. 

            Asa and I were married on September 4th, 2010.  That day I put my wedding dress on and smiled from ear to ear.  I could have never imagined feeling so healthy, so beautiful.

            Training at XIP was what I needed, the experience was perfect.  Adrian helped me feel proud of myself, and walking down the aisle with all eyes on me wasn't so bad after all. 


Thank you Adrian and XIP for everything!!!!"

Stevie Durocher

Lyndonville, VT

"After having my knee surgery, I was told that I would be back to normal activity within 4 months.  I quickly learned this would not be the case.  I started training with Adrian Guyer hoping to regain strength in my affected leg.  I was expecting an instructor but I found a knowledgeable professional dedicated to his clients.  It was instantly evident Adrian and his program were not to be taken lightly; they were going to greatly alter my immediate future and lifetime wellness. 

I found myself pushing my body in ways I did not know I could.  As a three sport varsity athlete and dancer I knew hard work.  I did not know hard work like this.  Adrian expected from me a commitment to myself that pushed my body and mind toward absolute success.  Adrian's physical capabilities were matched only by his knowledge of my condition and the manner in which to properly train my knee to regain strength and ability.  My knee was restored safely, yet efficiently, and I was made aware of the changes in my body and how they came about.

As ski season approached Adrian altered my sessions towards my specific athletic needs.  It took only one run to fully reap the benefits of training with him at XIP.  Not only could I ski equally on both legs, I could push boundaries I could not push before.  Adrian's program had not only restored my abilities, it made me a better athlete than I was before my surgery.  I was stronger and more confident than I had been in years.  As I realized my physical health improvements I felt a new mental state appear.  Adrian taught me to push myself beyond my breaking point and to settle for nothing less than excellence. I had become a determined, capable athlete I may never have become without XIP.

Adrian's program was the best gift I have ever given to my body.  I walk away with appreciation not only for hard work and Adrian's skill as a trainer, but also for the confidence he has instilled within me. Surgery helped me walk; Adrian Guyer helped me do everything I love."

Ann Mills

Peacham, VT

"Giving myself the gift of workouts at XIP is "the gift that keeps on giving".  Twice a week for a year plus I have shown up at XIP and worked through the hour's new set of exercises especially targeted for my body's needs.  I have gained strength and flexibility, lost pounds and inches, and additionally benefited my brain as well.  Research has proven that exercise is an exceedingly important part of brain health, as well as slowing down the aging process.

 As a trainer Adrian is knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about helping me to become fit.  I find his enthusiasm is infectious, his smile encompassing, and he has "a heart as wide as the world".

 Since I am, thus far, the XIP client with the most birthdays (72), I am not about to stop now!   You can bet I am going to continue giving myself, "the gift that keeps on giving".

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