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Deadlift Variations: Little Changes For Big Results

This week I wanted to share some specific exercise variations with you that we use with our clients and athletes here at XIP on a daily basis. These two movements utilize a very conventional implement with slight tweaks to help lend a bit more transfer of training to their sports and movements. Much of our training deals with helping athletes become faster, or for some of our adult clients to create connections to sprint mechanics, hiking, running, etc. It also helps break up the monotony of some training phases in their programs. The hex bar might be cool for the first 6 months but like any relationship the honeymoon phase only lasts so long and it's important to spice things up a bit to keep your clients and athletes happy and progressing towards their goals.

These videos come from our library of exercise videos used for our virtual training clients and athletes. We currently have over 300 videos and exercise variations in our virtual training library and this is growing every week. If you are interested in our virtual training options click here

to visit our website and learn more about this training opportunity. We have athletes getting some fabulous results through our virtual training programs.

Also check out Coach Evan Johnson's article on transfer of training to sport here for more on this topic .

Split Stance Hex Bar Deadlift: This is a great variation to get out of the sagital/bilateral world and put more bias on the front of the foot.

This variation comes from a sprinters program who I train virtually. The focus on creating lots of force in the max iso is then carried over to the acceleration in the start, either a 2pt or 3pt position. Even if you're not a sprinter teaching your body how to accelerate can be quite helpful in a host of other sports or activities.

All the best,

Coach Guyer

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