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TOP INSTA POSTS of 2019 Part 3: Strength

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

The final chapter in our top Instagram posts of 2019 looks at some of the strength and power content we shared with our audience. Although we put a big emphasis on "getting stronger" with all of our clients and athletes here at XIP we don't do so at the expense of movement capacity or the ability to move dynamically through full ranges of motion. Basically we want those who train with us, and they will agree, to be dynamic in their movement and have the ability to react and respond to changes in position in this fashion. We call this reactive strength, and basically the term refers to a person having the ability to both create and accept forces quickly. This is a vital piece of the performance training approach and should not be neglected for any level of athlete. So often people assume that getting stronger in a general sense will in turn improve performance in sport, or in all physical activity, and that's not always the case. If we want to improve our ability to be reactive and move dynamically through all ranges of motion at the speed of sport we must also find strategies to train this in the gym. The following videos give just a glimpse at some of these strategies, again this is just a highlight post so there is so much more that goes into this process.

Please let us know if there is content you would like to see us post more often or write about in our blog posts or on our social media pages. This feedback will allow us to better serve our audience and give you what you want to see most!


RFSS Reactive Strength Test

Bench Press 10 Reps in 10 Sec Reactive Strength

Leaning BB Calf Raises

Split Hex + Split Jump Contrast

Bullet Proof Hamstrings – Eccentric Slider SL

Hex Iso Catch with Partner

Varying Contraction Phases in Strength

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