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Top Instagram Posts of 2019 Part 2: Speed & Quickness

Part 2 of our Top Instagram Posts of 2019 will look at speed and quickness movements such as resisted sprints, plyometric exercises or jumps, and acceleration. Click here for Part 1. We work hard to help athletes develop these qualities in their movement so that they can be more explosive and dynamic in sport. For those "everyday athletes" reading this know that having healthy and responsive tendons and fascial systems is vital to performance and health on any level whether competitive in sport or not. Last I checked a slip and fall ain't slow, and having the ability to create force quickly is important in all aspects of our lives.

Please be sure to follow our Instagram page and share the videos below with those who might find them useful. This will help us share training knowledge with an even bigger audience!

Stay tuned for part 3 in the coming days as we share some videos on strength and power...

Resisted Sprinting – Sled and Uphill

“Edelmans” – Lateral Drive and Explosiveness

Lateral Acceleration – ½ Kneel Acceleration

Band Rotation w/Lat Drive

Altitude Drops – Bilateral and Unilateral

Jump Matrix

Lateral Drive and Explosiveness

Athlete Box Jump & Power Band Jumps – Reactive Jumps

Lateral Power and Reactivity – Reactive Heiden – Band Crossover

Jump and Bump– Landing after contact

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