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Accountability, Drive, and Other Life Lessons from XIP

As I am wrapping up my summer here at XIP I have been doing a lot of reflecting over what I have gained the past three months. I have learned so much more than expected from a typical marketing position. Don't get me wrong, I have learned a tremendous amount about the marketing side of small business from social media interaction, to maintaining the website, to creating flyers and various promotions. All of this will be incredibly useful as I continue in my business major.

However, I learned so much more than marketing from XIP. This was one of the most shaping experiences that I have had in my life. I found nutrition and fitness a few years ago but never fully pursued it and realized how passionate I am about it until I had the opportunity to learn from the experts here at XIP. I have found my passion and have learned how to be successful in doing so by being around the most driven people I have ever met.

Seeing what Coach Guyer does on a daily basis in order to achieve the level of education, professionalism, and success he has was inspiring. I’ve started waking up earlier, researching fitness and nutrition whenever I get the chance, reading more, and listening to podcasts which I had never done before!

I have a few podcasts that I have started listening to that I absolutely love. The first is Lewis Howes School of Greatness. Coach Guyer introduced this podcast to me as it was a required listen for our team meeting and since then I haven't been able to stop listening! This podcast covers everything from health and fitness to finance and entrepreneurship. My favorite thing about this podcast is that I learn something new every episode and it pushes its listeners to be the best at everything they do. The other podcast I have been listening to regularly is The Ben Coomber Podcast. His podcast is a mix of both motivation and information. I’ve found his podcast interesting to listen to as he has a lot of different experts on to tackle some controversial topics that you often find in the health and fitness field. Not only does his podcast teach you about various interesting topics but I learn something new with every episode. These podcasts are helping me learn more with every episode and ultimately helping me get better each day.

A level of accountability is expected at XIP and yesterday I learned that. Adrian has picked on me all summer for not training at XIP even though I explained multiple times that I liked to train in the morning before work!! The last few weeks I moved my schedule around and started training after work everyday and finally had to put my fitness to the test quite literally by completing the trainers physical test. Each trainer is required to pass these to earn a position at XIP. Adrian and I did it together yesterday as you can see from the various sweaty pictures through out this blog!

For women the requirements are-

Run a mile in 8:00

Broad Jump 75”

10 Pushups

1 Pull up

35 goblet squats w/45lbs in one minute

Row 1000 meters in 4:10

My results-

7:17 Mile

78” Broad Jump

Completed the 10 pushups

Completed the squats

Completed the row (one of the hardest things I have ever done!!!)

BUT, unfortunately I could not do the pull up- I will be getting this pull up before I leave XIP don’t worry.

Adrian pushed me to do my best with this test as well as every other thing that I did this summer. The level of drive that is at XIP is simply contagious whether it's the will to push harder in your workout or to give yourself 20 extra minutes in the day to learn something. I’ve had the chance to see the drive behind what makes XIP the best and it has inspired me to be the best as well. These lessons I have learned are more valuable than any monetary amount I could gain during a summer job, they have made me into a better version of myself that I hope to continue after I leave XIP!

Thanks for the best summer I could ever ask for XIP!!! I’ll be back soon- still have that final pull up to do!

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